About Barbados

There is so much to learn about Barbados! Where do you start? This section of our guide will give you a good base of information to get a feel of the island, what we are about and where we came from.

Barbados is an island of the Lesser Antilles, 21 miles in length, as much as 14 miles in width and divided into 11 parishes. It is located at 13.4N, 15.4W. The island is situated in the western area of the North Atlantic Ocean and 100 kilometres east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea. Barbados is relatively flat with the exception of one major high point, Mount Hillaby, which measures approximately 1,115 feet or some 343 metres above sea level. The west coast of Barbados offers calm, clear water which is quite conducive to your many beach activities, while the east coast opens up beautifully to crashing waves and an environment that is more suited to sun bathing, walking, jogging, surfing and even meditation.

As of 2019, the population of Barbados was recorded at some 287,025. The diverse ancestry of the island attributes to its current unique cultural blend which includes Arawak Indians, British settlers, European Indentured Slaves, African Slaves and East Indians. Overall, the people of Barbados (or Bajans as we are known) are quite friendly, so fitting in with locals will lend itself quite easily to your peace of mind. 

The Tourism Industry in Barbados is the impetus for the economic development on the island as it has impacted significantly on the lives of all Barbadians. It is a very vital aspect of the economy of Barbados and it is always within our best interest to ensure that your comfort and safety is first and foremost. Despite this, we still strongly recommend you exercise caution with regards to your valuables and even frequenting certain areas.

Barbados is awash with historythe artsnightlifefine diningthings to do and even luxury living. Getting around the island is a ‘breeze’ (pun intended) as options are somewhat endless when it comes to your choice of transportation. The people of Barbados are also quite helpful when it comes to giving assistance with regards to making your way around the island.

The main language of Barbados is English but bajan dialect (broken English) is widely spoken as it is almost a natural way of life. We can’t promise you that you will always be able to make complete sense of what the people of Barbados have to say but we recommend you give it a listen and even a try, as it will only aid well in adding a ‘sunshine feel’ to your stay on the island.


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